WHO doesn’t recommend any particular limits on alcohol consumption and also recognizes the benefits of drinking moderate amounts of red wine

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Wine bottle

Universally, normally one bottle of wine is 750 ML (25oz). Red wine or White wine bottle of 12.5-13.5% ABV (V/V) has 750 calories.

One Unit

What is one unit of alcohol? The Formula is- strength (ABV) x volume (ml) ÷ 1,000 = units. 13.5X750/1000=10.125 Units in one wine bottle.

One Glass

One glass of wine means 5 oz or 150 ML or 2 units. In one bottle of wine, there are 5 glasses. 5ozX 5 glasses makes 25 oz in one bottle.

2-4 units

one glass (one drink,5oz,150ml) of wine for women (2 units), and slightly more for men (4 units), per day.

Dr. Kari Poikolainen,(author-Perfect Drinking and Its Enemies)  has analyzed decades of research into the effects of alcohol on the human body and revealed that drinking more than the current recommended daily intake may in fact be healthier than being a teetotaler.

Poikolainen added that the weight of the evidence shows moderate drinking is better than abstaining and heavy drinking is worse than abstaining, but moderate amounts can be higher than the guidelines say.

His assertion is that it may be healthier to drink an entire bottle of wine every day to get the most out of the drink.

Don't celebrate by drinking a full bottle of red wine each day.