Facts about fingerprints

Fingerprints of Twins

No two people’s fingerprints are the same.Even in the case of twins,although their DNA is same but fingerprints are different.It’s a misconception that twins have identical fingerprints. While identical twins share many physical characteristics, each person still has their own unique fingerprint.


if you have no fingerprints?

Having no fingerprints is like wearing leather or medical gloves! You will find difficulties in scrolling up or down on your phone or unlocking your laptop or tablet?you can't feel the temperature correctly?


Are fingerprints determined by genetics?

Each person’s fingerprints are unique, which is why they have long been used as a way to identify individuals. Surprisingly little is known about the factors that influence a person’s fingerprint patterns. Like many other complex traits, studies suggest that both genetic and environmental factors play a role.


identity of a person by fingerprints

Scientists have found that on objects touched by a specific person, there are special bacteria that are also unique. Unique bacteria is born in every fingerprint. With the analysis of those bacteria DNA, you can determine the identity of a person.