After two glasses of wine, I’m thinking about things like “who put the alphabet in alphabetical order”?

You may have heard that there are different “types of drunks,” or ways in which alcohol can affect how you behave. But why, exactly, does drinking alter the way we think, feel, and act?

Your personality can change when you drink due to alcohol’s effects on the brain. When you consume alcohol, it is quickly diffused into your bloodstream, reaching your brain within about five minutes. As your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises, the effects of alcohol on your personality become more pronounced.As a result, alcohol leads us to say and do things we wouldn’t under normal circumstances. When drinking alcohol, you might spill secrets, become sexually promiscuous, or become more aggressive than you normally would.

The Angry Drunk

“Angry drunks” may experience mild irritation or anger due to alcohol, or become extremely violent or aggressive. Research has found that the effects of alcohol on aggression are more pronounced in people who think more about the “here and now” than about the future.

When irritation turns to aggression, it can place family and friends in real danger. Alcohol abuse plays a major role in the perpetration of intimate partner violence. It also linked alcohol use to an increased lifetime risk of physical assault.

I labeled a person who regularly breaks down into fits of giggles while drinking as a happy drunk. These people crack jokes and laugh often, finding even mundane things to be fantastical or hilarious. 

Happy drunks are a common choice in fiction for comic relief, since a goofy drunk can bring a smile to anyone’s face—as long as they’re written well. As you can probably guess by now, I’m a fan of subverting expectations, so play around to make more stoic or rough characters 

The Flirty Drunk

A flirty drunk is a person who takes every opportunity to flirt with those around them. They may wear progressively less clothing as time goes on, and their sole goal is usually to get someone in bed before the end of the night. However, there are more benign flirty drunks, who really have no intentions behind their flirty behavior other than to chat and have a good time at the moment. 

This type is pretty common since, after alcohol, you get driven to love and sex as libido increases.

The Sad Drunk

Alcohol can do funny things to people and one of the most common is to make them sad, which is never fun for either the inebriated or those around them. We’ve all seen someone like that at a party: maybe they’ve just been dumped, maybe they’ve had a crappy day at work. Who knows, but add all this to alcohol and the chances are that you’ll be confronted with crying, sobbing, sullen drunk person whose life is a nadir of joy and happiness at the moment in time and who is kind of a bummer to be around at a party.

The guy who has a few tequila shots and decides he’s Superman, Criss Angel and Tony Hawk all in one. Chances are he’ll be sliding down the bannisters, doing ridiculously stupid amounts of booze in the kitchen, or deciding to something so dumb that it makes your heart drop into your stomach at the very thought of it.

For example, a reckless drunk is playing with a gun in an airplane. The drunk shoots the gun straight up at the ceiling of the plane.

The DJ Drunk

There’s not enough money in the world to make any of us dance to a song we truly hate, but give us a heavy dose of alcohol and a lowering of personal taste and social inhibition and you’ll have a bunch of people leering and doing “Sexy and I Know It”. The person in charge for inducing these wannabe dancing heroes is The DJ Drunk. The kind who commandeers the Spotify playlist all evening and lines up every kind of disparate genre. Such are possessive of the music and can ruin an evening.

"The oil futures drunk-trading incident was an incident in which Stephen Perkins, an employee of London-based PVM Oil Futures, traded 7,000,000 barrels (1,100,000 m3) of oil, worth approximately US$520 million (£340 million), in a two-and-half-hour period in the early morning of 30 June 2009 while drunk.These unauthorised trades caused the price of Brent Crude oil to rise by over $1.50 a barrel within a short period of time, a trend generally associated with major geopolitical events, before dropping rapidly. As a result of the trading, PVM Oil Futures suffered losses of almost $10 million and Perkins was dismissed, later being banned from trading by

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If you can't be happy at least you can be drunk