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Pritam Obi

After My retirement, I wanted to learn to make a website and start blogging. This was on my bucket list. I started visiting various YouTube channels on CMS and WordPress. Then I moved to learn “How to make a website”. I choose WordPress and Elementor (visual WordPress website builder) to make the website. This whole process took me about three months. 
In the beginning, I created my domain in GoDaddy and hosting as well. Later, I took premium hosting on the Hotinger. My present website is on the hostinger hosting only.
I don’t know any coding at all. But with the help of various YouTube channels,I could make good designs of websites. On this website, I will refer all those YouTubers who helped me to create these stunning pages and posts. This is my way of thanking these website designers who give readymade scripts of HTML, CSS, and so on. 

At the age of 70, I found health has priority over everything. So I started blogging on health also. I am trying to bring about the best of my own experiences.

Drink red wine for health benefits
drink wine for health benefits

Although my previous years, I enjoyed single malt whisky. In 2009 when I was traveling in the business class of Etihad,from Chicago to New Delhi (India), their welcome drink was champagne. I enjoyed it over the 14 hours of the journey. Then I shifted my taste to Red Wine and started writing about it. Now Red Wine is my passion.