Realities of calories in wine & whisky

How to read wine label
Empty calories-These are calories that come from foods & drinks with little to no nutritional value.
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Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages primarily consist of water, pure alcohol (chemically known as ethanol), and variable amounts of sugars and carbohydrates; their content of other nutrients, proteins, vitamins, or minerals is usually insignificant. Because they provide almost no nutrients, alcoholic beverages are considered “empty calories.” One gram of alcohol contains 7 calories compared to 4 calories per gram of proteins and carbs, and one gram of fat contains 9 calories.

These are 7 hollow calories from one gm of alcohol because the body never uses them.

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1 12 oz. can of beer = 154 calories
How to read wine label
1 glass of wine around 125 calories
Dietary Guidelines for intake of alcohol,wine drinking
1 whiskey coke has 180 calories

1.On average one can of beer, 500 mL has 218 calories

2.On average 750mL bottle of red wine has  625 calories

3. On an average bottle of whisky contains around 1,500 calories.

If you’re a healthy adult:

  • To reduce the risk of harm from alcohol-related disease or injury, healthy men and women should drink no more than 10 standard drinks a week and no more than 4 standard drinks on any one day. The less you choose to drink, the lower your risk of harm from alcohol. For some people, not drinking at all is the safest option.