High LDL-C is a major risk factor for cardiovascular ( disorders of the heart and blood vessels and including coronary heart disease ). The longer your Bad cholesterol remains high, the greater you have chances of experiencing a heart attack or stroke. High levels of LDL-C are a major risk factor for coronary heart attacks and strokes. How to fight bad cholesterol?

Symptoms of High Ldl

1. High LDL-C is usually asymptomatic.
2. In most cases, it is detected only when you experience discomfort, chest pain or heart attack, or stroke.
3. LDL-C level can be measured by a routine blood test.

how to lower ldl cholesterol naturally

1. Heart-healthy eating habits without saturated /trans fats
2.Weight Management
3. Physical activities
4.Medicinal treatment

Reasons of high LDL-C

1. Aging lead to an increase in cholesterol
2.Hereditary high LDL-C
3. Being overweight (obesity) raises cholesterol levels.
4. Certain races may have an increased risk of high cholesterol
5. Trans/ Saturated fat

Clinical Test for ldl

1. Age <19-First test between the age of 9-11 years. Repeat after every 5 years.
2. Age >19 and<45-Every 5 years
3.Age>45- every 1 to 2 years

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