Red wine for good sex

Choose Red Wine for that particular day

Red wine is sultry, smooth on the palate, captivating to the senses, and just plain delicious. With the curvy glass, delightful aroma, and alluring color, red wine is the ultimate date beverage to lighten and enhance a romantic setting and mood.Everywhere you look, from swanky hot spots to steamy romance flicks, red wine is the favored date beverage of choice. First off, and simply put, it's red, and who isn't attracted to that color? Bullfighters use the color red for a reason, right?

red wine helps with sexual arousal in men/women

According to a report in the Metro, red wine helps with sexual arousal in both men and women. A good glass or two of the red liquid helps people get turned on enough to have sex at the end of a good meal. The research proves that certain compounds that stimulate erogenous zones. Interestingly, drinking two glasses of wine everyday increases the sexual drive among women and increases the testosterone level in men. The compound called UGT2B17 enzyme increases the level in men to make them crave for some ‘sexy time’.Wines with musky, earthy, woody and cherry aroma help arouse women and make them crave good sex. Men on the other hand are aroused by aromas of lavender, caramel, butter and licorice among others.

Pinot noir makes it Downright Sexy

Pinot noir is the envy of cabernet Sauvignon and its supporters, and is considered among wine lovers as the “king of wines.” It’s called king because of pinot envy started by a hopeless infatuation of more and more wine drinkers of both sexes who are hopelessly attracted, as are winemakers of the world, both male and female. And like an old burgundy winemaker said years ago, “Pinot noir is like sex,” he mused, “It’s good even when it’s bad.” Enjoy

Too much of wine have negative repercussions

Now, before you go out and buy a case of wine in hopes of enhancing your sex drive, let me caution you. Too much of a good thing can have negative repercussions. For men, overindulging can make it hard to attain and maintain an erection. It can also inhibit one’s ability to engage sexually with a partner. Couples who plan on having sexual relations can avoid pitfalls by limiting their intake of wine to the prescribed two-glass rule. Most of us would like to keep our sex lives in overdrive. As opposed to undergoing various medical procedures, a glass of wine each day is far less expensive and a great deal more fun. Boost your sex life. From hot spots to romance flicks, red wine is the favored date beverage .

Mood Boosters

  • Despite the alluring ads, cocoa may not arouse a woman as this study finds , but dark chocolate is a mood-booster that stimulates the brain's pleasure centres so it's definitely worth including in the mise en scène—the more imaginatively used, the better!

Longer lasting pleasures.

  • A glass of wine before bed is a terrific idea, and not just for restful sleep. Regular moderate consumption of red wine has a potential association with higher sexual desire and function for both men and women

Better sexual health

  • Korean red ginseng, the steamed root of panax ginseng, has been found to enable better sexual health, desire and arousal for men and women, as quite a few studies show
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