First Taste of Red wine

I was blind to the taste of wine on its first sip. I never knew how it should taste. But it was sweeter and not like whisky. Intoxication was also very less. It was a pleasing experience and no sleep loss at night, which normally happens with me because of whisky. It was lively, fun, and delicious. I started liking it without understanding what is dry, Off-dry, or half-dry wine.

The names of grapes written on bottles were a puzzle for me. What are residual sugar contents? A new world was opening in front of me.


001 Lesson

red,white & rose wine

Well, red wine… It’s the skin of the red grape. If you take the skin out early, the grapes will make white wine. If you take them out mid-process, they make rose wine. The longer you leave the skin in, the deeper red it becomes.

002 lesson

sugar in wine

A dry wine has little residual sugar, less than 1%,  4 grams of sugar in a bottle. Off-dry with 0.6 to 1.4%, and half dry with high acidity,10-13 grams sugar.

Higher sugar content, lower wine alcohol content, more sweeter

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Red wine may help with Blood Pressure Control, risk of cancer, Reduced Risk of dementia, Lower Risk of Diabetes, and is good for heart health .
type of drunk

After consuming one bottle of red wine, I start searching for the purchase of an airplane on line.

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004 Lesson

visit & enjoy with friends

Drinking wine with my friends has become a traditional hangout that I hope never ends. we drink wine and shoot the shit while we munch on snacks then we drink more wine and make fun of how much we love to drink wine. There is nothing more exciting than having a wine night with my friends.